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What's the difference between annulment and divorce?

Annulment and divorce have similarities in the sense that they make a final determination regarding a marriage, the difference is a divorce is the ending of an existing marriage, while an annulment declares that the marriage was never valid, and essentially did not happen.

What qualifies for an annulment?

In modern society, many people underestimate the details regarding the process of annulment because of television and pop-culture. The truth is getting an annulment is not as easy as it is made out to be. 

There are a limited number of grounds on which an annulment may be granted, some of these grounds are as follows:

  • The couple is related by blood

  • One of the parties was married while entering into the second marriage

  • The person filing for annulment is under the age of 18

  • Either party perpetrated fraud in order to obtain marriage consent

  • Either party has an incurable condition that prevents sexual relations

  • Either party was incapacitated in any way at the time of marriage preventing them from understanding the duties and nature of marriage

  • Either party was forced, blackmailed, or manipulated into marriage.


If that sounds like you, we can help you out.

 If you believe that you have grounds for an annulment or have any question regarding the legality of the circumstances surrounding your marriage, contact the Foothill Law Group for a 100% free case evaluation.

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