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Flat Rate Legal Fees for Divorce and Family Law Services in Los Angeles

While it is always better to have an experienced family law attorney representing you throughout your case, and advising you on each step, we understand that not everyone is able to afford this type of representation.  Therefore, we offer unbundled services, which can provide the opportunity for parties to have access to quality advice during crucial stages of their case.  Our schedule of flat fee services allows people to have assistance at every stage of the divorce case.

Unbundled services means that people would be representing themselves, and would hire a family law attorney for a specific task, such as preparing the required financial disclosures, preparing responses to discovery requests, or preparing the ideal strategy for a hearing on child custody.

A lawyer may develop a case strategy, or help a party prepare for their hearing, or assist them in the preparation of one of the many required documents for a divorce.  Not just document preparation, every document prepared will be reviewed by a family law attorney, and individually drafted for your needs.

An experienced family law attorney can be your divorce consultant or coach, or can draft specific, and high quality documents.  If at any point during the case you decide that you need an attorney to take over your case completely, you can always switch to full representation. This is recommended for all cases, but especially for contested cases, and those involving complicated asset division, and custody issues.

Flat Flee Services Our Law Firm Offers

Please see below for a list of unbundled/limited scope/flat fee services we provide.

Family Law Consulting – Our initial consultation is always free (30 min). However, many people desire to have a more in-depth consultation, and analysis of their case the goes beyond what can be done in an initial assessment. For those wanting a thorough analysis we offer the opportunity to have an experienced family law attorney advise them.  (beyond the initial consultation)– hourly rate $350/hour (pre-pay for 1 hour, leave credit card information on file, prepare authorization forms for recurring payments).

  • Reviewing documents and agreements

  • Developing a comprehensive legal strategy for the overall case

  • Advising clients on how to prepare for mediation or a settlement conference.

  • Reviewing settlement agreements.

  • Reviewing prenuptial agreements.

  • Developing a discovery strategy.

  • Analyzing documents received from an opposing party, including financial statements.

  • Assisting in developing a settlement proposal.

  • Calculating Child Support or Spousal Support.

  • Explaining practical consequences of various orders or settlement terms.

  • Assisting in preparation for various stages of litigation, discuss arguments for the hearing and how to approach various issues, providing tips for dealing with opposing party, their attorney, or the judge.

  • Advising in preparation of documents, declarations and discovery

  • Advising and developing strategy for effective co-parenting

Document Preparation (flat fee, pre-paid). As experienced family law attorneys, we can prepare any document that may be required in a divorce case. Common documents include:

  • Initial Petition/Response ($300 – $750 + filing fee and service fee if we are filing the documents and serving the opposing party, depending on whether we need to prepare property declarations)

  • Preliminary/Final Declaration of Disclosure ($800 – $2500, depending on the complexity of the case)

  • RFO/Response to RFO ($1000 – $3000, depending on the complexity of the RFO)

  • Discovery Requests – Form Interrogatories ($100)

  • Discovery Requests – Special Interrogatories ($250 – $1000, depending on the size).

  •  Discovery Requests – Demand for Production of Documents ($300 – $1000, depending on the size)

  • Discovery Responses – Form Interrogatories ($500)

  • Discovery Responses – Special Interrogatories ($500 – $2000, depending on the complexity and the size of the responses)

  • Discovery Responses – Demand for Production of Documents ($1000 – $3000, depending on the complexity and the size of the responses)

  • Preparation for Trial – Trial or MSC brief ($1000 – $3000, depending on the issues)

  • Preparation for Trial – Witness List ($75 – $300, depending on the size of the list)

  • Preparation for Trial – Exhibit List ($300 – $1000, depending on the size of the list)

  • Preparation for Trial – Trial binders/Exhibit Notebooks ($500 + depending on size)

  • Settlement Agreements/Judgments ($750 – $2500, depending on the complexity of the agreement and whether judgment forms are needed)

  • Uncontested Divorces – $2,000 – $3,500 + filing fee, depending on the complexity of the agreement and the size of the disclosures (rates might not apply to some cases with extraordinary number of assets or debts, QDROs are excluded).

  • Summary Dissolution – $1,500 + Filing Fees

Call a Los Angeles Family Law and Divorce Attorney

If you have any questions about our flat rate legal fees for divorce or family law services, call our law firm. If you are in need of aggressive legal representation for any type of divorce or family law issue in  Los Angeles, contact our skilled lawyers to review the specific details of your case.

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