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Child Support

How much will you have to pay?

The first question on the minds of most clients is “how much will I have to pay in child support?” This is a fair question for a person to ask, but the answer can be complicated and relies on two primary factors:

  • How much time does each parent spend with the child or children? 

  • What is the total income of each parent?

How is this calculated?

In Los Angeles County, and most counties in California, a computer program determines the final amount. The computer program factors in a variety of factors to determine what “level” child support should be. These factors are the number of children, the timeshare percentage between each parent, each parent’s income, the number of exemptions claimed by each parent, health insurance deductions, mandatory retirement deductions, and itemized deductions. Once all these parameters are inputted and the program proposes a child support order, a Family Court judge will hear the proposal and make a ruling.

While a computer decides the specific number, having a skilled child support attorney can make a world of difference. Here at the Foothill Law Group, we will make sure that you are well represented and that your interests are cared for. Many factors, like timeshare percentage, can be negotiated and we will fight for you to get the most favorable outcome possible.

Child support arrears.

Arrears in child support is a term that refers to past due child support owed to a custodial parent. Sometimes, the government assigns the arrears owed to a custodial parent to the state, for repayment of any public assistance the custodial parent received.

Child Support arrears are not a matter to be dealt with lightly and should be addressed as soon as it is determined that arrears are owed. Child support arrears currently collect interest at a 10% interest rate. Even though a small amount may be past due, with the interest, the amount can skyrocket very quickly. Not to mention, the county can even take further matters such as suspending your driver’s license if you are very behind in support.

At Foothill Law Group, we can help you deal with your child support arrears. After hearing your case, we will discuss all the options available to you.

Our experience is your legal advantage.

At the Foothill Law Group, we have the skill and experience required to offer you the very best counsel and support through this process. We know what the judges are looking for when ordering child support. If you are having child support issues, have a spouse that is lying about their income, or need to get a child support order modified, contact us today for a 100% free case evaluation.

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