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What do you need to know first?

First, paint a mental picture of what you think your divorce process is going to be like. Now, crumple that picture up because it won't be anything like that. It won't be like anything you've ever experienced before and it is going to test you in ways you never thought were possible. It will make you question yourself to no end. That's where a good attorney can make all the difference. Because if you're going to go through one of the most trying times of your life, you're going to need the right attorney by your side to get you through it. We've been through this rollercoaster hundreds of times and we are ready to be by your side through every unexpected twist and turn. 


If you are considering filing for divorce, or your spouse has recently filed for divorce, it is essential that you fully understand your rights and obligations.


Even though California is a no fault state, you must still resolve all issues you have with your spouse, whether they involve your assets, debts, or children, under the laws of the State of California for your divorced to be finalized.


At Foothill Law Group, we know that this is a lot to comprehend and absorb, but we can walk you through your options.


First let’s talk about the two types of divorce: Uncontested and Contested.


An Uncontested Divorce is when both parties involved are able to reach a mutually agreed upon resolution.


This often occurs when both parties have agreed to the divorce and also have reached an agreement or understanding on how to deal with money, property, and custody.


Uncontested divorce could also mean that even though you or your spouse have not formally agreed on terms, one of the parties is unlikely to disagree with your terms resulting in a “default” judgment. In many uncontested divorces you may have little to no court appearances.


At Foothill Law Group we offer low cost, flat rate uncontested divorces. We will complete all the necessary paperwork for you and make sure your divorce agreement is finalized with the courts. We also are there for you every step of the way incase any issues arise that would need legal attention.


When you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on financial and custody issues you are facing, a contested divorce may be the only recourse you have. However, it is important to note that just because you and your spouse do not agree on every simple point does not necessarily make it a contested divorce.


In the event of a contested divorce, we would continue to try and work towards a settlement even while we prepare for trial. If a settlement cannot be reached, the Foothill Law Group has the experience and expertise necessary to fight for you and your needs.

Our experience is your legal advantage.

Going through a divorce is a financially and emotionally draining process. Allow us to guide you through this difficult time and help you make the best decisions possible for your future.

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