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Paternity Actions

Why would you need to establish paternity?

The need to establish paternity in California can happen for many reasons, and usually arises when two individuals who are not married, have a child together. 

If you are a mother and the father of your child is disputing paternity, you have legal cause to pursue paternity actions against him to prove he is the father of the child. 

Being a single mother can be difficult, the Foothill Law Group can fight to help you prove paternity and receive the benefits you deserve.


Mothers often do not fight to establish paternity, as they don’t want to be involved with someone who disputes being their child’s father. Establishing paternity often times will lead to a changed demeanor by the father leading to better quality of life for the child and the mother.

Men also have the right to pursue paternity actions.

If a man believes that he is the father of a child and wants a legal right to be in the life of a child, establishing his paternity of that child is essential. On the other side of the spectrum, if you have doubts about your paternity over one or more of your children, you can learn the truth by seeking paternity actions and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in child support.

Get to the truth - spare yourself and your child the pain.

At the Foothill Law Group, we know that this is an extremely sensitive situation. Often times after the conclusion of paternity actions, the parents may still have to have dealings with one another. We operate with greatest level of compassion and sensitivity to make sure your rights are taken care of without causing unnecessary stress and emotional distress to your family.

Whatever your situation is, contact the Foothill Law Group today for a free evaluation of your case and circumstance.

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