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  • Desiree Meguerditchian

How to Choose the Right Attorney

There is no shortage of lawyers in the Greater Los Angeles area, so how do you know who the right one is for you? We’ve surveyed our clients to get a better understanding of what is important to them and combined it with our knowledge to put together the most important points when choosing an attorney.

Honesty and integrity

How do you quantify honesty and integrity? That’s a fair question. Reviews are always one way to go, but it often doesn’t tell the whole story. The best advice we can give you is to trust your instinct. When you first meet with an attorney, you will subconsciously know whether that attorney knows about your case and cares about what’s in your best interest. Take advantage of free consultations, nothing will give you a better insight into an attorney’s character like a face to face meeting.



It is important not to mistake a personal touch or a caring attitude with a lack of professionalism. The right attorney while compassionate and understanding will have a firm grip on the law and know how it applies to your situation. Do they take notes at your meeting? Do they ask the right questions? Do they press you on information that you may be embarrassed or uncomfortable revealing? These are all signs that the attorney is skilled and what they do and the right person for you.



Often time’s retainers can vary greatly from one attorney to another. Make sure your attorney is someone you can afford. While it may be difficult for an attorney to give you exact costs over the phone because they don’t yet know the details surrounding your case, after the first meeting don’t be afraid to discuss price. Attorneys who are honest will have no problem giving you either exact or rough numbers for your case.

At the Foothill Law Group, we commit to treating our clients with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, at a rate that is affordable. Whether it’s bankruptcy, family law, or civil litigation, we offer potential clients free consultations to fully assess and evaluate their case and then lay out the options available to them.

Contact us today to schedule a 100% free case evaluation.

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