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Pre-marital agreement

There's nothing wrong with wanting to protect yourself.

Premarital agreements or pre-nuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular in California and across the United States. In generations past, these were agreements that were only considered for the wealthy, but in today’s society more and more people are drafting prenuptial agreements to make sure they are protected.

Getting married affects your rights to property & assets.

Getting married affects your rights to property as well as other assets. Most income earned and assets acquired during the marriage become property of both spouses.


Entering into a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse prior to getting married can allow you to decide the distribution of assets for yourself, rather than leaving this decision to the state. 

What can you include in a pre-nup? Is it worth it?

The types of the things that can be including in your prenuptial agreement is governed by the Uniform Premarital Act. This act was put into place to make sure that even in the disbursement of assets and income, both parties will be taken care of to a certain extent.

All prenuptials must be within the boundaries of the law for them to be enforceable. Many people who write these agreements themselves or with the help of a “friend” or “family member” often end up with prenuptial agreements that are not enforceable and end up regretting not hiring an attorney.

Spare yourself the hassle of not being protected.

Contact the Foothill Law Group today, we will consult you on the best way to structure your prenuptial agreement to ensure you are protected for the future.

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