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Our success is our client's success.

Hear more from people like you who went with their gut and were happy that they did 

"LIFESAVERS. That's exactly what they are...I can't think of a better way to describe Desiree and her entire legal and administrative team. Not only was the support staff who answered the phone (Nancy) so refreshingly patient, knowledgable, and understanding of exactly what I needed, but the attorney assigned to my case, Desiree, was a breath of fresh air and made me feel like everything I needed to get done was possible. She made it happen. Her team made it happen. And now for the first time in days, I can actually sleep. I deserve sleep and so do you..." 

— Dr. Penelope C., Hollywood, CA

"I can't imagine going with another law firm for anything else. Trust and competence are everything and these ladies have it in bucketloads. Like, I really felt they were in this with me. I was referred to them by a good friend who said they were next level amazing. I thought to myself, 'since when is a law firm ever amazing?' Within my first 2 hours working with them, I found out the answer to that question. Thanks for making this process less painful than it could have otherwise been!"

— Eric R., Encino, CA

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"Desiree is in a word 'Extraordinary'. She is professional, trustworthy, dedicated, and affordable. In addition, knows her stuff! She was prepared for every rebuttal opposing counsel may have... If this come up, then that. If not this way then that way. Who does that! She does. Look, no further you have found the right Attorney to represent you."

— Minnie M., West Covina, CA

"...[S]he is also one of the few attorneys who personally took my frantic call 
and didn't make me wait by the phone when I was panicked beyond belief.  She gave immediate, concrete advice, and answered all of my, "what if this happens" questions.  And I sure had lots of them. I would highly recommend this firm to all my friends and family."

— Slava S., Burbank, CA

"I'm a very picky person and after going through a slew of consultations I knew with in 5 minutes that I was in the right place. They helped me with a custody case and were there with me every step of the way. It's hard to put a price on peace of mind, but Foothill Law Group is so worth it. They are smart, fierce and well prepared. Thank you so much!!"

— Melissa S, Pasadena, CA

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"Desiree and the ENTIRE staff, has changed my prior low opinion of lawyers. I came into the office to file for divorce with a very negative attitude. They handled everything professionally and with a caring and supportive approach. All aspects were explained in a clear and understandable way. The price was very reasonable and fair. They helped me protect my interest and insulated me from dealing with my ex-husband. The entire process was efficient and had no surprises. I highly recommend this office and truly appreciated their support throughout the experience!!! Thank you Foothill Law Group - you helped to get me my happy life back!!"

— Kathy W., Monrovia, CA


"Cynthia Weichelt is an exceptionally gifted lawyer who helped guide our family during a very challenging and emotionally tasking ordeal. She possesses a strong mastery of the law, is diligent, calm, compassionate, and a generally wonderful person. We're so appreciative of all of her efforts, helping us navigate through the court in unprecedented times, in the middle of a global pandemic. We entrusted her with the most private parts of our lives, and appreciate her friendship and discretion.  We also thank the rest of the Foothill law group for their assistance and support. My husband and I would gladly work with them in the future for any legal needs."

— Heidi W., Grenada Hills, CA

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"Not going to this firm to begin with was the biggest mistake in my entire divorce process. They helped me fix the mess made by my previous attorney and once they took the case on, there was no stopping them. And I'm glad they didn't because I was on the verge of caving. My wallet and I would have spent the next couple of years regretting that. Thanks again for putting up with me and my questions and being so astute and driven throughout the entire process."

— Scott A., Beverly Hills, CA

"I am forever grateful for this law firm. Desiree and her staff are absolutely the best at what they do. I reached out to them after I was stiffed by another attorney who took my money and never filed my paperwork for a Bankruptcy.  

Desiree and Reeme and her team were so re-assuring and even helped me by offering a payment plan after hearing about my terrible experience with the first attorney.  I honestly can't believe I am saying this but I am officially debt free!!!! I can start all over again financially and can finally breathe. There is hope.  

I hope I will never find myself in this situation again, but if I do, I know who to call. Thank you Foothill Law Group for giving me my life back and making this extremely difficult situation seamless.  I am working on re-building my credit which I know will take time.   I hope no one has to go through what I went through but if you have, just know there is help out there and this firm is excellent."

— Vatche M., San Fransisco, CA

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When I was served documents from the opposing counsel, I had no idea what to do. I "yelped" for lawyers or law groups and came across Desiree and Foothill Law Group. I told her I was traveling from Texas and she scheduled a free consultation on a Sunday just to help me out last minute. Her team is full of experts that kept me constantly updated and reassured that they had me in good hands. Of course they can't guarantee they will win every case, but they definitely try everything they can. I am so thankful for everything Desiree and Aracely have done for me. I highly recommend them."

— Frank C., Chino, CA

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Image by Jeffery Erhunse

"I highly recommend this law firm, Desiree represented myself and my husband and she was extremely professional and knowledgeable the multiple times we had to go to court. Her legal assistant Marian was amazing as well she always kept me updated on the next steps for court and checked in to see if we had any questions or concerns."

— Vanessa S., Bell Gardens, CA

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"I can't tell you enough how great Desiree and her team are!! I was looking for someone to help me remove a judgment from my record and was very skeptical as I had just been burned by someone claiming to be an attorney (should have read the yelp reviews first). I  came across Foothill Law Group here on Yelp and decided to give her a call, within hours I  had a free phone consultation and was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise. In just a few short month's she was able to remove the judgment from my record completely. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have Desiree and her team to thank for that. I HIGHLY recommend Foothill Law Group for any of your legal needs."

— Marissa S., Ontario, CA

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